About Kurt

Kurt Haskell is a retired trial attorney who graduated from Thomas Cooley Law School in 1999. On Christmas Day 2009, Kurt and his wife Lori were passengers on Northwest Flight 253. On such flight Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the "underwear bomber" allegedly tried to destroy the plane with a bomb hidden in his underwear. Although the bomb did not detonate, it caused a fire, an emergency landing and numerous laws and procedures to be implemented including the widespread dissemination of body scanning machines at US airports. After said event, Kurt made international headlines by exposing the false flag operation by providing an eyewitness account of the defendant being escorted onto the flight without a passport. During the criminal trial process, Kurt discovered that undercover US Government agents had provided Abdulmutallab with an intentionally defective bomb that lacked a detonator and assured he boarded the flight in order to stage a fake terrorist attack. Since becoming a rare eyewitness to a false flag attack in 2009, Kurt has dedicating many thousands of hours to researching each subsequent false flag attack. In 2012, hoping to change the US for the better, Kurt unsuccessfully ran for US Congress in Michigan's 7th District. In 2014, Kurt and Lori decided to escape the corrupt US government and moved to Costa Rica where they continue to reside.